Saturday, 7 May 2011

"Perennial" - Garret Artists 9 May - 28 May 2011

“PERENNIAL” – Garret Artists Exhibition in conjunction with Ceramics SA KZN Regional

The name “Perennial” reflects the growth of the Garret Artists Drawing Group year after year. The group was started by Jeanette Gilks in 1989, and after her retirement from Garret Artists 2 years ago, they have continued to work together on a weekly basis using Jeanette’s techniques and methods.

After a very successful exhibition with Ceramics SA in 2010, Garret Artists have once again been invited to exhibit in 2011, showing their innovative and exciting work from the past year. They have been exploring local architecture, dressmakers’ forms, landscape, Cubism and botanical life.


Zelma Reuning, Annette Henderson, Brenda Richardson, Chris Reabow, Christina Godfrey,

Colin Meyer, Dianne Sampson, Elize Rowan, Estelle Hudson, Gail Milne, Gill van Wyk,

Gloria Adams, Jane Bishop, Lyndy Hurst, Patty Douglas, Daryl Houghton, Gayle Walters,

Mary Slack, Renee Leslie, Ritha Fenske, Sally van Huyzen, Sue Blanckenburg, and Lesley Magwood Fraser

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