Monday, 27 February 2012

"Phoneography" extended through 25 March 2012

A group exhibition for smartphone camera images
Taking pictures with a smartphone (or a cellphone that has a camera) has become so popular, it even has its own name: iPhoneography, or smartphoneography for those who do not own an Apple mobile phone. Users have been taking a lot of cool pix on their phones and now would like others to see them besides on Instagram and other sites and have a chance to sell them in a gallery environment. 

We coined the term "phoneography" to open it up to all cellphones with cameras!!

All of the works fit the format of 12cm x 12cm wooden blocks onto which the image(s) is mounted.  The sale price of each block is set at R100 each.

Participating phoneographers:

Jessica Reim, Peter Bendheim, Adele Bendheim, Karen Bradtke, Anna Talbot, Allister Starke, Jane Oliver, Julie Mayo, Roxy Malyon, Anne Davenport, Angie Griffin, Liz Speight, Geraldine Paton, Paul Gossman, Mahomed Amra, Desire Pelser, Sally Giles, Crisanta Padayachee, Green Heart Movement: Mikhail Pappas, Sanabelle Ebrahim, Husna Ebrahim, Dee Horsfall,  Nyanda Nydoo, the Hardy Boys Design Team, Jono Pozyn, Grant Payne, Mira Harie, Roz Cryer, Heather Fitchet, Wesley Flanagan, Chris Chappe, The Activate Team,  Laurienne Baitz, Dee Donaldson, Suzy Bell, Mira Harie, Bev Cooke-Tonnesen, Les Goodman, Dexter Sagar, PAPALANGBEEN, Stephanie Davies, Clint Griffin, Angela Griffin, Keith Pellew, KAPTAIN CADE, Ali May, SLADE, Mhari Pattenden, Anne Lee, and Helen Kuttner.
Jessica Reim
Peter Bendheim
Karen Bradtke

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