Tuesday, 20 March 2012

"Inspiration 2" 26 March - 14 April 2012

The first Inspiration exhibition held at artSPACE durban found a group of KwaZulu-Natal-based artists meeting at the Durban Art Gallery Archives with the formidable task to find the one artwork that was most inspirational to each of them.  For “Inspiration 2” we invited artists to find inspiration from their surrounding environment, i.e. Durban and it’s surrounds.

A group of KwaZulu-Natal-based artists met on a bus tour with Street Scene Tours to take the group around to Kenneth Stainbank Nature Reserve, Chatsworth to look at the Silverglen Nursery, and Temple of Understanding with lunch at the well known vegetarian restaurant on Wednesday, 23 November from 0930 until 1430 / 1500. 

There were no restrictions as to the interpretations.  A text by the artist will be accompanying the artworks in the gallery space.

Participating artists:
Roz Cryer, Caroline Birch, Jane Oliver, Di van Wyk, Grace Kotze, Coral Spencer, Nomsa Ngidi, Amanda Kok, 
Mbhekeni Derek Mbili, Nicole Pletts, Trui Roozenveld van der Ven, Scott Bredin, Jeannie Kinsler, Pascale Chandler, 
Floris van Zyl, Jackie Freer, Julie Mayo, John Roome, Nirmi Ziegler, Louise Jennings, Celeste Bredin, Marianne Meijer and Andrew Verster.   


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