Monday, 7 May 2012

"I Spy" - Dee Donaldson's painting students show and "Bits and Pieces" by Gerald Baise7 - 26 May 2012

I Spy - Dee Donaldson's painting students show
Hillary Turner
This is a group exhibition to highlight the work that comes out of Dee Donaldson's painting studio at the artSPACE durban studios. 
Contributing artists are: 
Lori Clarke, Geoffrey Harrison, Aubrey Penning, Kim Pereira, Laurienne Baitz, Julie Mayo, Hillary Turner, 
Gwynn Smith, Tracey Kirby, Michelle Waters Wilson, Rosemary Williams, Moira Burne, Christie Rowse, Adrienne D'Aeth, Edwina Grossi, Dolores Williams, Mbhekeni Mbili, Renee Leslie, and Sue Marshall.

Bits and Pieces by Gerald Baise

Reclining Figure
This exhibition is Baise's second at artSPACE durban and once again involves Baise’s fascination with wood - 
laminating, chiselling, rasping, sanding and deconstructing.  Simply shapes without philosophical import that is pleasing to the viewer and engender a desire to touch and feel the wood.
Biography: Gerald Baise studied with the late Basil Jones for several years and has had 5 previous sculpture 
exhibitions.  He works almost exclusively in wood both indigenous and imported. The main focus is on simple shapes manipulating the wood to achieve this with little emphasis on the grain.
Exhibitions close on 26 May at 2:00pm

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