Monday, 18 June 2012

"Images in Clay" by Ceramics Southern Africa KZN Regional Exhibition 18 June – 7 July

"Images in Clay" by Ceramics Southern Africa KZN Regional Exhibition 

The KZN Ceramic Association hosts their annual Regional exhibition.  
It will showcase the best of KZN ceramic art.  Among the invited
guest artists are Rika Senekal, a fiery artist from the interior of KZN.
                         This is a show not to be missed.


“Mondays” – Garret Artists Exhibition in conjunction with Ceramics SA KZN Regional

The group was started by Jeanette Gilks in 1989, and after her retirement from Garret Artists 3 years ago, they have continued to work together on a weekly basis using Jeanette’s techniques and methods.

After a very successful exhibition with Ceramics SA in 2010 and 2011, the Garret Artists have once again been invited to exhibit in 2012, showing their innovative and exciting work from the past year. 

"Protea" paintings by Janine Holloway - Middle Gallery

It was the tactile, sculptural nature of proteas that first drew me to
them as a subject for a series of paintings. Their unique qualities and
visual intricacies lend protea to different renderings, therefore, my
exploration with them in diverse applications and styles, lead to the
creative process becoming as important as the final outcome.

Painting with acrylic on board has enabled a new immediacy and
spontaneity in my work. Experimentation with various materials including
filler, felt, stencils and a range of unconventional utensils such as
squeegees, silicone brushes, and sandpaper has added dimensional
complexity and interest to the surface of the works.

The freedom and playfulness I employ during the creative process
translates into energy, vitality and life in my work, hence my new,
contemporary take on the traditional botanic theme.


Born in Durban, grew up on the North Coast, went to boarding
school in Pietermaritzburg for high school and then attended 
Technikon Natal and studied Fine Art from 1988 to 1991.
Shortly afterwards married and had three children.
Have been involved in group exhibitions, i.e.The Flat Gallery in the
early nineties and Beanbag Bohemia in 2006.
Other creative projects include working with rural women using fabric
paints and ceramics.

Started painting with Pascale Chandler two years ago.

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