Saturday, 22 September 2012

“A Life In Common” 25 September - 10 October 2012

“A Life In Common”

A collective exhibition by Kwa-Zulu-Natal-based artists, Doung Anwar Jahangeer, Matthew Ovendale,  Muziwandile Gigaba, Peter McKenzie, Rob Mills  and Wayne Reddiar.

Matthew Ovendale, "Please Touch, 2011, pen, ink and video recordings

The exhibition titled “A Life In Common”, portrays exactly that. It stands as a collection of artistic insights and experiences of various African cities, their emerging cultures and engrained states of flux.

Participating artists are as varied as the works that they have produced. Finding commonality in the artistic trend of utilizing signs, consciously or not in a didactic relation to these city environments.

The signs imbued in the works stand as points that have meanings other than themselves, allowing for the communication of information that resides both in plain sight and in avenues that are all too often overlooked. The works are a culmination of the artist’s predisposition to explore their experiences through the possibilities that creativity affords.

This body of work frames these cities as consolidations of incalculable human development and interaction. With an eclectic array of mediums and subject matter, providing both societal and individual insights into the depths of city living and the complexity of this evolution. 

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