Friday, 9 August 2013

"Heart and Soul" by Janine Holloway


Janine Holloway presents a group of paintings of the Heart. In it she has used a broad range of painting techniques and processes to explore and reveal different aspects relating to the Heart.

There are the physiological facts of the Heart. This organ is a pump, an intrinsic work engine crucial to life. Further she expresses the psychological and spiritual understandings of the influence of the Heart in the human experience. In this sense the artist views the Heart as the core and essence of a person, responsible for affections, emotions and passions as well as being the source of vitality which motivates action.

Then the title mentions the Soul. The Soul is less tangible than the Heart. This awareness embodies the interior and not material part of a person. The Soul represents the life force and spiritual strength of an individual.

In Janine's work the richness of colour, depth of layering and dynamic interaction with the surface of the painting is dramatic. In achieving this, she has documented both the cerebral complexities of her journey, combined with her own emotional experience of the subject.

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