Monday, 2 September 2013

Jomba! at artSPACE durban

Is it possible that thought of innocence, vulnerability and elegance can manifest into reality in shape? We may say white is the absence of colour, as purity has no memory, while black is the saturation of color as recurrent waves of pain and discreditable secrets. We look deeply into this profound despair, fear guilt and anger and we find horrible a similarity to innocence, such as the infinite field of unfolding possibilities.

Choreographed and performed by: Misato Inoue

Music: Ludovico Einaudi, Thomas C Gas

Costume: Cathy Sharp

Dance Coach: Cathy Sharp, Felix Dumeril, Elayne Phillips, Kasper Hort

Photos: Peter Schnetz

DURBAN: Jomba Contemporary Dance Festival
Monday 2 September

18h00 at artSPACE durban

Misato Inoue solo work, SWAN

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