Friday, 15 November 2013

"Decipher" Grace Kotze, Deidre Maree, and Suraya Tewary 28 October – 16 November

"Decipher" - Grace Kotze, Deidre Maree, and Suraya Tewary

"Decipher" showcases the paintings of Deidre Maree, Suraya Tewary and Grace Kotze. Three artists who share their emotional grappling through the unraveling of paint using subjects such as interiors, rubbish dumps, the human form, rural and urban landscapes.

A common visual and emotional exploration brings these three women together, where each artist approaches painting from the position of a student. Thus allowing the process to dominate rather than depict a predetermined conclusion, resulting in paintings that do not preach of the defined, but question and explore.

A further link is the artist’s love and exploration of paint as a subject. All three women share a delight and curiosity about the language that paint’s properties and application holds. Resulting in the content of some works being more about the language of paint, rather than the illustrative role of a painting.

Ultimately the show portrays three artists’ personal journeys to understand, decipher and interpret using paint as a visual conduit making their individual voices heard.

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