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11th Annual Affordable Art Show 2013

11th Annual Affordable Art Show 2013

artSPACE durban's  Annual Affordable Art Show is now in it’s 11th year and  is one of our most popular exhibitions.  We managed to collect a wide range of fine art keeping the prices down.  The gallery is full of works to give the buyers plenty to select from. The maximum sale price is R3 500 once again this year. 

The Annual Affordable Art Show gives people the chance to start their collections at an affordable price.  If you are already a collector there is plenty to choose from to add to your collection.

Participating artists: (in no particular order):

Mariek Petzer, Bernice Stott, Deidre Maree, Angie Arbuthnot,  Rani Pillay, Jeannette Edwards, Terence King, Mhlonishwa Chiliza, Scott Kotze, Jenny Meyer, Ann-Marie Nason, Alexa Fariña,
Mw Selig, Johanni Ackermann, Jabulani Cele, Keren Pocock, Jocelyn van Breda, Grace Kotze,
Julia Forman, Sharleen Boaden, Roseanne Dix, Gill van Wyk, Angelica Anastasis, Akiko Nakaji,
Saffiyah Vawda, Debra Bray, Stuart Anderson, Pam Benporath, Des Freeman, Arlene McDade, Lucky, Rheta Kotze, Nigel Horsfall, Emma Robb, Maureen Lesser, Florentyn Hurter, Penny Brown.
Julie James, Reneé Leslie, Everaldo Matonse, Steffi Steffen, Sinethemba Ngubane, Hermine Spies, Kirsten Miller, Ronnie Huber, Carol Hayward Fell, Colleen Hamer, Alex Flett, Nomsa Ngidi, Charlene Nel, Brigitte Laurent, Suraya Tewary, Penny Fitchet, Denise de Sá, Andre de la Rosa, Caroline Birch, Lesley Magwood Fraser, Marianne Meijer, Heidi Shedlock, Sue Bernon, Alex Coutts, Andrew Verster, Kim Pereira, Louise Jennings, Amy-Lee Williams, Anthea Martin, Rob Domijan, Genevieve Motley, The Deco Collection, Eve Page, Julie Mayo, Coral Spencer, Ana de Vlieg, Melissa Von Brughan, and more.

To view more artworks go to:

This exhibition ends on Saturday, 18 January at 2p.m.

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