Thursday, 20 March 2014

“Gather” a collection of artists

In the Main Gallery:

“Gather” a collection of artists

24 March - 12 April 2014

This exhibition presents a group of artists, facilitated by Grace Kotze, who choose to paint together and exhibit as a collective. “Gather” represents a cross section of creative spirits, from beginners to exhibiting artists who enjoy the experience of learning and growing through the process of a collective exploratory experience. 
The exhibitors display a very strong sense of “self” within the group, which describes the many personal journeys each artist pursues. Such individual identity presents an exhibition of great diversity.
This show is a celebration of the creative nature of the human spirit and the will to reach for more than what the structure of the day-to-day presents. Artists vary in age from teenager to retiree yet all possess the same will to explore create.

Participating artists: Yasmin Khan, Ingrid Adams, Patricia Lategan, Michelle Offerman, Gil Sevel, Julie Mayo, Val Fields, Shirley Yell, Alex Coutts, Suraya Tewary, Deidre Maree, Anne Reardon, Pippa Styles and Megan Bonnetard.

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