Wednesday, 30 April 2014

“Shades of Red”

“Shades of Red”  

A group of artists to create any media of art but may only use red (and shades of it).

Participating artists:
Catherine Stempowski, Samantha Vincent, Andrew Verster, Jabulani Cele,
Sharleen Boaden, Angie Arbuthnot, Adrienne D’Aeth, anet norval, Rob Domijan,
Terence King, Di van Wyk, Michele Silk, Karen Bradtke, Hermine Spies Coleman,
Brigitte Laurent, Sarah Kelly, Jane Oliver, Anthea Martin, Marianne Meijer, Alice Joubert, Veronica Peano, Pam Benporath, Sharon McClelland, Jenny Glaysher Andrews, Jane Digby, Ann-Marie Nason, Ephraim Ncobo, Steyn Pretorius, Saxon Kirton, Karen Pretorius,
Akiko Nakaji, Sarojini Muller, Lesley Magwood Frasier, Liz Speight, Di van Wyk,
Cindy Powell, Neena Pitamber, Pascale Chandler, Anne Cleveland, Devika Pillay, Nicole Gatland, and
Coral Spencer

Closes on Saturday 24 May.

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