Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Fibreworks VIII- our EIGHTH Members' exhibition 29 September - 11 October 2014

In the Main Gallery:

Fibreworks VIII- our EIGHTH Members' exhibition

Opening by the colourful Robert Brusse, a Durban architect whose energy and vitality will perfectly compliment the exhibits.


gallery view

is a national exhibition that showcases some of the leading fibre/textile artwork in the country. Fibreworks exhibitions offer a rich and varied experience. The  artists come from a variety of arts backgrounds and  use  predominantly fibres and textiles as their means of expression, freely incorporating   a mixed-media approach to materials and techniques. 

‘Fibre’ refers to materials that are made up of continuous thread-like filaments, including both vegetable and animal fibres such as cotton, paper, and wool, even spider silk.  Some fibre artists work with mineral fibres such as nylon. Alternatively, fibre art can be work whose subject matter and content is fibre.

Since this is an art form that encompasses a very large range of techniques, materials and approaches, the fibre artist has the opportunity to expand and explore the medium and subject in almost unlimited ways, both three and two dimensionally.

Participating artists are Faiqah Abrahams, Sue Akerman, Karin Arbeter, Elaine Barnard, Helga Beaumont, Dana Biddle, Hermine Coleman, Jutta Faulds, Jeanette Gilks, Kathryn Fox Harmer, Colleen Harris, Jenny Hearn, Cathy Knox, Leonie Malherbe, Annette McMaster, Gina Niederhumer, Sue Physick, Marilyn Pretorius, Cornelia Robinson, Sally Scott, Roy Starke, Mariss Stevens, Odette Tolksdorf, and Sheila Walwyn.

Rosalie Dace, a member who is a renowned, international quilting teacher, describes the  works as displaying, ‘…a variety of colours and techniques long used in Africa such as dyeing, printing,  and embellishing with beads and other found objects.  Freshness and unpredictability, colour, sensitivity and strength reflect the energy of Africa today.‘

Jeanette Gilks 2014

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