Monday, 18 May 2015

"Threaded Drawings" a group show Opening 25 May at 6/6:30p.m.

This is a group exhibition by artists who have produced works that are embroidered, machine-stitched, hand-stitched, whatever but based on drawings by their ‘favourite’ artist, or even just of one of their drawings that they love. Other media may be incorporated into the works just as long as the main focus is using thread.

Each work is accompanied by a statement with an image of the inspirational source.

The participating artists are:
Anthea Martin, Heather Pattenden, Jetteke de Vries, Jenny Retief, Joan Martin,
Julie Mayo, Lara Mellon, Leonie Malherbe, Louise Jennings, Pamela Benporath, Siobhan O’Reagain, swany and Karen Bradtke.

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