Wednesday, 24 June 2015

"Durban - Yesterday, Now and Tomorrow" 29 June - 18 July 2015

artSPACE durban’s Inspiration VI Exhibition

A City is an entity constantly changing and mirroring the aspirations
and values of its citizens and governing systems.

As we live in our cities we create our own ghettos and thus are mostly
unaware and unfamiliar with vast sections of them.

For a second time since our first Inspiration exhibition artSPACE
durban invited twenty-five of our best Durban artists to join us in an
eight hour tour of city, seldom if ever visited.

The tour was designed to give our artists a day away from their usual
work places and environment to reflect on the theme of the exhibition
while in different and unfamiliar surroundings with all that entails.

The result of this exercise is the exhibition “Durban - Yesterday, Now and Tomorrow”, which will be shown at artSPACE durban.

The 19 participating artists are: 
Caroline Birch, Jane Oliver, Grace Kotze, Coral Spencer, Nicole Pletts,
Trui Roozeveld van der Ven, Scott Bredin, Pascale Chandler, Celeste Bredin, Bronwyn Bruce, 
Lee Scott Hempson, Andreas Chasomeris, Bernice Stott, Corne Eksteen, Deidre Maree, Pam Benporath, 
Karen Bradtke, Michele Silk and Mandy Kok

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