Monday, 14 September 2015

“From where I stand” - an exhibition of paintings by Suraya Tewary and Deidre Maree Opening on Monday, 21 September at 6/6:30p.m.

“From where I stand” acknowledges the process of painting as an ongoing exploration of learning and discovery.

Deidre Maree:
The subject of this exhibition is the medium.  The concept is to record an investigation into oil paint, and to acknowledge that the process of exploration and discovery is ongoing.  The painted solution to a visual reference will take different forms along my painting journey. Through constant dialogue with the medium a rich, truly crafted, painterly surface is sought.
Since the work is figurative, the stimuli for each of these investigative pieces are the photographs taken and the interpretations and memories of what has been seen. The very personal act of witnessing and recording is then expressed through a manipulation of compositional elements to demonstrate a response to space, colour, light and form. By representing the natural and emotional world with dignity the painting becomes a description of both the physical and metaphysical, and a reflection of a state of being.

Suraya Tewary:
My body of work is a seemingly material one of images and moments from everyday life – a string of visual patterns of my surroundings, of the space, colour, light and form which shapes and informs my emotional landscape through the medium of paint.
It is however, a desire to physically and emotionally examine the image and subject matter, and find a way through my process of photographing, editing and paint application to convey the emotive stimuli behind the memory of these images.
My work aims to create a space for balance, contemplation and self-observation. A space for momentary stillness and immersion, when noise and voices recede and we are left bare, with the simple act of observation and reflection.

June 2015

The exhibition closes on Saturday, 10 October at 2p.m.

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