Tuesday, 27 October 2015

THE COURAGEOUS I... shared experience, intrepid explorations 2 - 14 November

The title of this exhibition came about after much discussion between the painting students at artWorks Studio in Salt Rock. Although there are various and different reasons why people take up painting, the common words that came up included journey, explorations, discovery, soul searching, bravery, fear, challenge, discipline, play, escape, sanctuary, intuition, individual and collective. Putting one self out there. Exposing one self. Risk taking.

There was much discussion about what the title of this group exhibition should be, it was agreed that, although painting side by side in the studio, for most, it was an individual journey with highs and lows, fear, frustration, patience, trust and, eventually, exhilaration when the finished piece seemed to capture something.

For each participating artist, painting is a journey of self-discovery that they have committed to. Each has a unique vision and paints to express it.

Skills are learned and refined and each student takes what works for them and finds their own way of expressing themselves on canvas. And in deciding to exhibit their work each person is putting a bit of themselves out there, hence ‘THE COURAGEOUS I’. For each it is a shared experience and an intrepid exploration.


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