Saturday, 5 March 2016

BIRDS and MAN by Anthea Martin 4- 31 March 2016

Birds kept appearing in my collages, so called me to question their presence and to reflect on their beauty and ability to survive our changing world climate and destruction of their habitat.
Man and birds have had a long connection that encompasses centuries of beliefs, superstition and facts about birds. As birds can negotiate the heavenly heights they were thought to be messengers of the Gods.   Omens were read from the appearance of certain types of birds such as owls and ravens as harbingers of birth, death or foretelling significant events. Eagles, Hawks and other birds of prey were frequently used as symbols of power and might. 
On the earthly plane, birds are used for hunting to procure food and for sport.  Their feathers have adorned our bodies in the past and present.  Their quills wrote in ink our histories. Literature has endless references to birds in poems, prose, fairy and folk tales which explore their enduring power to fascinate us.

Carol Brown of Curate-a-Space gave the opening talk.
"The Messenger"

The exhibitions runs through Thursday, 31 March.

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