Friday, 8 July 2016

“Seeking Permanence In A Transient World" by Samantha Boock Extended until 28th July!!!

According to Zygmunt Bauman, a Polish sociologist, ‘contemporary society can be defined as a “Liquid Society”: one that is in constant change’. Boock’s work questions the western notion of desiring permanence; for things to stay constant, stable and controllable, when in reality, we understand that it cannot be achieved as we are transient.

Boock’s work attempts to gain a sense of permanence, by capturing people onto photographs. The use of the photograph as a ‘canvas’ already has it’s own history and context; it has a captured moment on it, to be remembered forever, or, for as long as the image or photographic paper exists. In the work, images of people have been physically ‘scarred’ into the photograph’s surface, forcing the permanent embedment of the person into the medium. The photographs have been stained, bleached or scratched to reveal the person that has been captured. The images rendered are of people that Boock has or has had a relationship with in some form, exploring the transience of relationships or her own transience. The work attempts to keep these figures in her life longer than in reality. The viewer however ‘passes through’ these images, just as Boock has with the people depicted. 

Graphic images by Charlot Boock

Both exhibitions end on Thursday, 28 July at 4p.m.

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