Monday, 18 September 2017

“Hues and Shades” by a solo exhibition by Raja Oshi 23 September - 12 October 2017

23 September - 12 October 2017

Raja Oshi's Artist Statement
I enjoy adding texture to my surfaces and designing the shape and discovering new adventures. It is surprising as every time you get a different and varied outcome.
I make my own material, since I feel like this is an essential step in the process.
I weave strips of canvas material together to make my own sort of canvas, with its own specialized texture and response to paint.
When I rub my cloth “tapestry” layers with cloths dipped in paint, it adds another dimension to my work. It begins to mix and overlap, different materials and layers of paint to reveal hints of colour coming through edges, layers and spaces.
Raja Oshi is a Pietermaritzburg-based artist.
A selection of images of works from this show are posted here:

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