Saturday, 6 August 2011

"CUT" by Robert S. Bolter 8 - 27 August 2011

Bolter’s art is autobiographical, biographical and metaphorical for
deliberate or accidental cutting. It can be representative of
microscopic neural imaging, or the abstraction of his universe. It
remains true to abstraction in that it is very subjective and can be
positive or negative for the viewer. Cutting is not always
perfect, especially when perfection is what you are aiming for with a
cut. You can approach a perfect image or state and can get something
different and improved on what you intended.
Bolter works thickly in oil paints, because of its organic nature which runs
though the work, creating a relief that he then, once dried, cuts with a
fillet blade, exposing shapes, layers and colour. The use of the
technique of cutting is reflective of the accidental, purposeful,
harmful and healing nature of a cut.

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