Saturday, 5 November 2011

The End (Of The World As We Know It) 7 - 26 November 2011

Opening talk by Andre Cronje, environmental journalist, filmmaker and presenter of 50/50.

The exhibition brings together 32 invited artists who each present one work interpreting what is an extremely difficult, thought provoking and exciting subject matter.

In the run up to this exhibition the two galleries organized evening sessions, In Session.End.Part 1, 2, and 3 on this subject matter in which religious leaders, environmentalists, philosophers, physicists, mathematicians (to name a few) were given the opportunity to give their take on it.

The artists who have accepted the invitation to this exhibition have had to consider and develop not only a very abstract and technical matter but also a very personal and emotional one and are now faced with the challenge and burden to consciously present them to the public. Each work is displayed with the artist's statement about the work.

The participating artists at artSPACE durban are:

Luan Nel (CPT), Andrew Verster, Bronwen Vaughan-Evans, Grace Kotze,

Pascale Chandler, Dee Donaldson, Tony Starkey, Louise Jennings,

Janet Solomon, Marianne Meijer, Caroline Birch, Prof Terry King, Jenny Parsons (CPT),

Sarah Richards, Kevern Sandalls, Faye Spencer, Jackie Freer, Terri Broll, Jeannie Kinsler,

Karen Bradtke, Martin Burnett, Roz Cryer, Peter Bendheim and Sibusiso Duma.

The participating artists at the COLLECTIVE:

Nivesh Rawatlal, Amy-Jean Muller, Sayuri Naidoo, Lisa Herselman,

Craig Malan, Kevin Goss-Ross, Billy Pineapples, and Wesley van Eeden.

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