Monday, 30 July 2012

"d’Urban d’Art Exchange and Artists' Choice Award" 30 July - 3 August

Opening Monday, 30 July starting at 6:00/6:30pm AND  Exchange and Artists' Choice Award on Friday, 3 August starting at 6:00/6:30pm with music by Odwa Bolo.

"d’Urban d’Art Exchange and Artists' Choice Award"
Join us at artSPACE durban in this completely new and exciting experience.  This is an artist-orientated event; we will have fun and pay tribute to ourselves as artists.  With most awards, the decision is made by a panel of judges and often strangely influenced and rather baffling.

With our Artists’ Choice Award, only the participating artists have a vote for the winning three artists.  We believe this gives a respectful ear to you, our artists, so your voice and choice can be heard.  The prizes on offer: 1st prize R5,000, 2nd prize R2,000, 3rd prize R1,500 Lucky Draw of R750 and R 250, R 150 and R 100 gift vouchers from Classic Canvas, R 500 and R 250  gift vouchers from  Spectrum, and R 500 gift voucher from Village Hardware.

Here is how it works.  The fun part is the d’Urban d’Art Exchange.  Each participating artist will collect an entry form and a 50x35cm canvas (1 per person) from the gallery.  Other media are welcome, and are required to fit into the size criteria.  Each artist on entering agrees to a) take part in the draw that will see each artist take home one piece of work by another participating artist (you may draw the winning piece!). During the course of the week participating artists will vote for the top three works on show.  We want all artists to sign their works, but then have the signatures covered.

The show will open at artSPACE durban on Monday 30th July; it is only up for one week, so artists need to look carefully, and cast their vote by Thursday 2nd August.  The draw and award event is on Friday 3rd August. All artists must be present to make their draw and collect their new work; and the three prizewinners must be present to receive their awards. No artist, no award!  But remember: each participant will win/receive another artist's work (could be the winner, a known or unknown artist)!

At artSPACE durban we (the participating artists, that is) will thus vote and crown the artSPACE durban Artists’ Choice Award of 2012. 

artSPACE durban Artists’ Choice Award of 2012 prizes:
1st prize R5,000
2nd prize R2,000
3rd prize R1,500
Lucky Draw R750
R 250, R 150 and R 100 gift vouchers from Classic Canvas
R 500 and R 250  gift vouchers from  Spectrum
R 500 gift voucher from Village Hardware
gift voucher from Stepping Stone Framers

There will be a cash bar and car guards at the opening on Monday and prize-giving Friday.

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