Saturday, 11 August 2012

“Inspiration 3” – Group exhibition of sculptures 13 August - 1 September 2012

“Inspiration 3” – Group exhibition of sculptures  

Elizabeth Balcomb

George Holloway
Hannah Lurie
Sarah Richards

The first Inspiration exhibition held at artSPACE durban found a group of KwaZulu-Natal-based artists meeting at the Durban Art Gallery Archives with the formidable task to find the one artwork that was most inspirational to each of them.

Prior to “Inspiration 2” a group of KwaZulu-Natal-based artists met on a artSPACE durban sponsored bus tour with Street Scene Tours to take the group around to Elephant House, Kenneth Stainbank Nature Reserve including Coedmore Castle, Chatsworth to look at the Silverglen Nursery, and Temple of Understanding with lunch at the well renowned vegetarian restaurant. For “Inspiration 2” we invited artists to find inspiration from their surrounding environment, i.e. Durban and its surrounds.

For “Inspiration 3”, we invited sculptors to participate in this group exhibition. We will bring artists who are established alongside emerging sculptors. The gallery has suggested for each sculptor to exhibit, if possible, two pieces: a commercial example and a purely inspirational one.

There are no restrictions as to the interpretations. A text by each artist will be accompanying the artworks in the gallery space.

Inspiration 3 Sculptures Artists:
Hannah Lurie, Sarah Richards, Lindelani Ngwenya, Bruce Dell (PE), 
Elizabeth Balcomb, Gerald Baise, James Jordan, George Holloway, and Bernice Stott  

Runs through Saturday, 1 September until 2p.m.

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