Saturday, 24 June 2017

"Sea Level" a group exhibition of miniatures 1 July - 27 July 2017

There is something very seductive about holding an exquisite, small work of fine art in the palm of one’s hand and being into that minute jewel-hued space.   SEA LEVEL will explore this......

Organized and Curated by Anthea Martin and  Catherine Stempowski 

ARTISTS PARTICIPATING : Anthea Martin, Catherine Stempowski, Pamela Benporath,
Megan Bonnetard, Marianne Meijer, Camilla Kinnear, Jane Bishop, Estelle Hudson, Stella Beth Peat, Darryl Houghton, Hermine Spies, Lorraine Wilson,  Odette Tolksdorf, Lesley Magwood Fraser, Diane Samson, Jannie van Heerden, Mariek Petzer, Steffi Steffen, Deidre Maree, Chris Reabow, Pauline Maurer, Morgan Coakley, Denise Hill,  Penny Brown, Pascale Chandler, Heidi Shedlock, Ann-Marie Nason, Laurelly Allaway, Grace Kotze, Ewok, Nicole Pletts,
Zamani Makhanya and Katarina Richter

Closing on Thursday, 27 July

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