Friday, 8 February 2013

"Face booked" by Coral Spencer

“Face booked”  - a solo exhibition by Coral Spencer

"Emoticons Sepia Series", oil on board, 13 x 13cm each

For her exhibition "Face booked" Spencer is exploring the use of emoticons and the way the social media has created ways to show emotions using these cartoon images, allowing people to create a persona that is not always correct and easy to hide behind. She is also exploring the idea that we can create a Facebook persona and leave out or add in information to tailor our image to the one we would like rather then what is. The person becomes what is presented not what is...we are reduced to a cartoon image in a flash, a
shorthand for emotions.

In the Middle Gallery, Coral is showing some of her well-known beach scenes.

"Umgeni River Bridge", oil on canvas, 76 x 100cm

"Umhlanga Ribs", oil on canvas, 120 x 300cm

The exhibition closes on Saturday, 9 March at 2p.m.

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