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Interface2012-14 is a dala project in partnership with the Goethe Institut South Africa

Interface2012-14 is a dala project in partnership with the Goethe Institut South Africa, which engages with 7 international and 1 South African established artists to set up a process to develop a conceptual methodology, comprising of dialogues and long term objectives to explore alternative possibilities of planning for the future city of Durban and South Africa. Emerging out of dala’s CityWalk initiative, this is an unprecedented architectural / artistic intervention in Durban’s urban setting. This project forms part of an innovative process and is strategically positioned as a creative tool aimed at conscientising civil society and creatively engaging the urban. These initiatives are focused on an effort to unearth equitable socio-spatial solutions. Whilst developing alternative bottom-up ways of better understanding public spaces, Interface2012-14 will comprise of a diverse platform of presentations:

1)      venue : artSPACE durban  #Project Space
Project Space open - 28th July – 7th August

interface2012-14 exhibition opening – 2nd August 16:30 -18:00

Content : Artist process – video projections and text

Artists / Architects  list:


Daria Tchapanova visual artist
Project title: Everything Must Shine For Me – story of a young boy, Bradlee Werdemam .

Joacelio Batista (Film maker) in collaboration with Wayne Reiddar – South Africa (new media sound)
Project title: Counter _ Thureaut: one way


i)       Quatorze (Romain Minod + Nancy Ottaviano) architects – Paris

ii)      14 students ENS Architecture Paris-Belleville - ARCHITECTURE URBANISME RECHERCHE

iii)     Accompanying lecturers: Beatrice Mariolle and Virginie Picon-Lefebvre – Paris

iv)    Ex Nihilo Dance Companie – Marseilles


Raumlabor (architects) – Berlin
Project title: Rush Hour ­­– Acknowledging Everyday Practices: an observation of the informal pedestrian corridor between Umkhumbaan and Warwick Junction

Reunion Island

Annie Decupper (photographer) – Tampon
Project title: l’espace creole : urban agriculture as a political tool for social cohesion in the ‘cite’

South Africa
Faith47 (visual artist) –
“ People as infrastructure” Abdoul Maliq Simone. With this quote as a point of departure Faith47 explore the representation of a people place on three major support columns to the freeway.


Day one
4th August
Starts with a performance by exnihilo danse companie  at 18:30 @ artSPACE durban 

Opening address: Lien Heidenreich-Seleme 
Head of Cultural Programmes for Sub-Saharan Africa

Theme: Movement
The presenters in this session take as a starting point the observation of the rhythm of people in the city as a way to understand and highlight urban socio-spatial narratives.

Moderator: Prof Monique Marks
Urban Future Centre
Faculty of Engineering and Built Environment, Durban University of Technology, Steve Biko Campus


1.Anne Lebatard (exnihilo)- Marseilles: 

Theme: Dancing the inbetween 
With their work exnihilo (dancer) seek and expose the complexities of what is called public spaces. Their participation with dala is to further our research on ‘pavements as public space’

2. Dr Alex Wafer (geographer)-SA: 

Theme: On loitering in public spaces - basically, young unemployed men hanging around on the pavements of the city, doing not much. What emerges are all sorts of narratives of mobility and movement - even as they are static.

3. Dr Nancy Ottaviano (Quatorze Architects)-Paris: 

Theme: Subverting the Cartesian.
A member of the "Laboratoire Architecture Anthropologie de l’École d’Architecture de Paris La Villette”, she alongside the organization Quatorze, are building up a network of architecture firms (young) as an alternative space-making group.


Day two
05th August
Starts with a performance by UKZN applied theatre and performance studies 
at 18:30 @ artSPACE durban

Theme: Dialogue
Democratic participation that is meaningful and has transformation at its core should be dialogic. Presenters in this panel will engage the complexities of dialogue in the context of spatial justice.

Moderator: Dr René Alicia Smith
Media academic and Acting Executive Dean: Faculty of Arts & Design, Durban University of Technology.


Dr Alison J Rooke (visual sociologist) Co-Director- Centre for Urban and Community Research, Goldsmiths, London
Theme: Possibilities of Dialogue 

Christian von Wissel (architect and urban researcher) PhD candidate in Visual Sociology · Centre for Urban and Community Research, Sociology, Goldsmiths)
    Theme: Reflection on Nine Urban Biotopes

Dr Miranda Young-Jahangeer (Academic–Applied Theatre practitioner)
Theme: Subverting the panopticon
Appropriation of Theatre for debate in the South African female prison

Soogen Moodley senior manager in the Corporate Policy Unit at The Municipal Institute of Learning (MILE): an initiative of eThekwini (Durban) Municipality.
Theme: Unlearn to Relearn

Day three
06th August

Theme: On dissidence
Presenters will propose how creativity has been used as a strategic tool in the act of transgression with a particular focus on how the margin can play a significant role in envisioning the future of an African city.

Moderator: Ewok Ian Robinson
Spoken word flavored Hip Hop Activist.


Mzwandile Mavula (Street trader). Head of ACHIB (African Cooperative for Hawkers and Informal Business)
     Theme: Trade Pride and Pavement politics.

Dr Kira Erwin (Urban Researcher) Urban Futures
Faculty of Engineering Science and Built Environment
Durban University of Technology
 Theme: 'Servant’s quarter’ - a case study of Kenneth Gardens, a social housing estate, that she has been working on.

Ashwin Desai (Sociologist and Activist) One of South Africa's leading activist intellectuals has produced a remarkable book detailing growing resistance to neoliberalism in post-apartheid South Africa.
Theme: People in space makes place but a dislocated people makes dysfunctional place.

2)      venue : In the CITY :
·  Installation and performances – 3rd August – 7th August
Map and schedule will follow.

3)      venue : KZNSA :
· 2 day Workshop :  a follow up discussion on African Architecture by 6 participants of the colloquium of the Afritecture – Building for Social Change Exhibition [held at the  Pinakothek der Moderne in Munich (2013) curated by Andries Lipiek] : 31st July – 1st August
· Installation [in dialogue with Durban Centre for Photography’s exhibition ‘Durbanity’]
                                                                                           4th August – 7thAugust

· performance [date to be confirmed}

Opening the Project Space on Monday, 28 July at 6:30p.m.

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